Hi there.  My name’s J.  I’m a husband, a father, and a music enthusiast. I’ve been blogging about music for a few years now – sharing thoughts on albums and new records I’ve bought and suchlike (on my old blog, Resurrection Songs) and  I also contributed to AmericanaUK for a couple of months back in 2015 or so.12143280_10153742162602848_2065766940847217184_n

I decided that, given I wrote about the record collection most of the time, I would focus on that vinyl daft side.  I’m not an audiophile and you wont read stuff like “I wouldn’t dare play this record on a Crosley” or “it’s inferior to such and such a pressing, cause it’s a digital remaster” and all that kinda jazz here.  Ultimately I believe that if you dig vinyl, or music in any physical format, then play it however you can.  Enjoy it.

This place here is all about conversation about albums, really.  There will be other chat.  Family life, the odd day trip, maybe a flick, random memories, and even music that’s not on vinyl…

But vinyl has been the main format I buy since my brother gave me his old record player in 2013.  After I got that thing set up I became more interested in records.  Rediscovering my favourite albums and discovering some new ones.  I almost exclusively listen to records at home and as well as sharing thoughts on music in general, this here site is essentially something of a “hey, I bought this record”, “this record is swell, here’s why …” and, well, generally just a look at the collection and why those records are worth discovering.

If you wanna leave comments, start some sort of conversation, or even suggest I go listen to something that’d be swell.  I’m always keen to discover something new.

You can drop me a line at vinyldaftdad (at) gmail (dot) com