CRATE DIGGING: July to September

It’s been a busy few months for me –  I haven’t been buying too many items, but we’ve moved home, spent time exploring the new surroundings, and we’re currently in the middle of some home improvements.  I also used the time to investigate a whole load of music that some of you have been writing about and, man, has that been a treat.  I’m hoping to start another semi-regular series about what I’m currently listening to, but right now I figured it was time for another edition of ‘Newly Acquired Objects of Sound’.  This edition features some country, jazz, country, rock, Sinatra, country, and a CD.

Vetiver – To Find Me Gone

My brother sent me this one over, as he was shifting on some records that he no longer listened to.  He sent a message with a picture of the sleeve out of the blue “you want this?”.  Of course.  Why not?  I haven’t spent an awfy lot of time with it, but I like what I’ve heard even if I haven’t been completely bowled over.

Nancy & Lee; Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits!; Dean Martin – Only For Ever; and Nat King Cole – Thank You, Pretty Baby

I’m awfy fond of that Nancy & Lee album and have been looking out for another copy of it.  A pal had received a pile of records a while back, said it was among them and it was mine if I wanted it.  Knowing that I like Frank Sinatra, he threw in that Greatest Hits! and some extra croonage – my first Nat King Cole and Dean Martin records.

Randy California – Restless; Dolly Parton – Jolene; and Doug Sahm – Groover’s Paradise

So, that yellow-faced Mr 1537 knows fine well what he was playing at when he wrote about this one not so long ago… he knew I’d be reading (as always) and I would be all “oh! I haven’t heard that one”.  Well, pal, here it is in my collection.  I found this near mint promotional copy in the Record Fayre in Glasgow one lunchtime for £6.  The press release and promotional photo is enclosed in the sleeve, too.

But that wasn’t the only record I found there that day…

Being a fan of some of Dolly’s older stuff, I have been after this one a while.  Again, the LP is in pretty excellent condition and £4 seemed to me like a good price.  Naturally, the title track has received a fair few plays.  It’s that good.

It was Blabber ‘n’ Smoke‘s PK that introduced me to Doug Sahm a while back.  The Best of Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet 1968-1975 was the only album I was familiar with for a while, but I spotted Groover’s Paradise for £5 and thought “oh aye – I’ll have some of that!”

It’s a really great LP; the first side is particularly special.

Emanative – Earth

One of my favourite releases this year. I’d been hitting this up via the streaming service and got a wee bit obsessed with it – seriously, it’s the kind of album that you could lose yourself in.  It’s lifting and calming… it’s been a real inspirational listen.  On many levels.  Bad days and thoughts are lifted.  It’s vibes are truly wonderful.  There’s so much about jazz that I don’t know, but all the elements I love are tied up in this.

Anyhoo, after a lot of listens and praise, my wife suggested I buy the LP when I spotted it for a real good price.

Loretta Lynn – Van Lear Rose

I finally decided to buy this one after seeing a cheap copy appear on Discogs.  This was one of my favourite albums of the last 20 years of so. I still remember buying it way back when it was released.  This 2011 Third Man Records release was the first on vinyl and they’ve done a splendid job. It doesn’t sound as loud as the CD copy and there’s a bit more breathing space for the instruments and Lynn’s wonderful voice.

Steven Seagal – Mojo Priest

Yes! My buddy Aaron over at Keeps Me Alive knows I’m a Seagalogist and sent me this copy of Seagal’s second album that he found during one of his Tarana trips. I have both his albums on the MP3 racks, but this is the only one I have a physical copy of.  And it’s good.  There are some good players on here and Seagal can clearly play, too – even if it doesn’t always sound original or inspired.  Sure, reverb appears to be used as one of the main instruments and it lacks grit and some urgency, but if you ignore that, as well as all the bonkersness attached to Seagal, this is a fairly good set.

So, there you have it!

As always, let me know if you have any of these and whether or not you like them?  What’s your favourite?



  1. I have none of these. I have heard none of these. Though there a couple that appeal and might need to sample. I think that Loretta Lynn would probably at the top of that list.

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    • Duly noted, Paul. This Sahm album has received a fair bit of attention… brilliant stuff… so I’m all for delving into some more!

      The Randy album is pretty good, though I definitely need to spend some more time with it.


  2. Nice to see here “Groovers Paradise” from the early ’70. Doug Sahm and his crew had a pretty good time playing some funky blues-soul grooves and mixing a little roots and twang in around the edges. One of Doug’s better efforts…

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  3. You got me onto to Sahm sides. Thanks. And we have both talked about earth. Those two alone are an earful. Watched doc On Loretta a while ago. Good one. I listen to a late night radio show and the often use Nancy and Lees ‘Some Velvet Morning’. Perfect for the mood. I have to say I like Lee’s part more than Nancy’s

    Liked by 1 person

    • I saw there was a fairly recent doc about Loretta, but I couldn’t find it to watch (video on YouTube unavailable). Really interesting lady… colourful.

      I can listen to Nancy & Lee all day. Mostly. I’m not big on their take of Jackson, but that’s maybe cause I love June & Johnny. But yeah, there’s something about Lee’s delivery.

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  4. Haha, you should steer clear of those dodgy vinyl pushing blog sites! I’m still jealous you got one with a promo sheet in too. are you enjoying it btw?

    The cover of Groover’s Paradise is excellent – just like my old Furry Freak Brothers comics.

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    • I’m never visiting them again… I’ll not be pushed into buying records!

      So far Randy’s only had a cursory listen. I was enjoying it, though…


  5. I haven’t listened to Loretta Lynn’s music although I did watch the movie about her rise to fame Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980) starring Sissy Spacek. Not a masterpiece but worth a watch at least. I’m curious to listen to Van Lear Rose and Jolene.

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    • Loretta’s music is definitely worth a listen. Her last couple of albums are a good starting point and the Coal Miner’s Daughter album is essential listening. Very good stuff.

      Jolene is a very good album, too. Dolly’s got some really good stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well worth it if you see it. I’d been tracking it a while and was pleased to find it at a good price. Not the loudest record, but it does sound brilliant.


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