VIDEO PREMIER: Abertooth Lincoln – American White Boy

If the resurgence of right-wing populism around the globe has got you worried about humanity and looking for some visceral protest songs, then Dayton, Ohio’s Abertooth Lincoln might be your boogie board.  It’s a direct response to an “ever growing presence of hate and intolerance” in their backyard following the election of a self-proclaimed property mogul, successful businessman, and reality TV star as President of the United States.

“Our latest single, “Average White Boy”, is a direct response to the rise of government supported, white supremacy hate groups in the last couple years. The real nerve for us was struck, as for much of the country, in the aftermath of the Charlottesville march in August 2017, but that is far from the sole example we have seen of this movement. While loud gestures like marches and rallies have continued, more subversive outlets like white nationalist podcasts, publications and websites are growing in followers. Their popularity has reached a height that even earned them an article in the New York Times, normalizing their extremist views and painting one of their own as the ideal, well-mannered Nazi sympathizer next door.

While the majority of that NY Times article is garbage, we can’t ignore one fact- these guys are indeed right next door. We know that for most of Americans, this is an unwanted, evil presence in our social and political landscape. Yet we have a president who will support them in exchange for their support, and dismiss criticism by saying, “there are bad people on both sides”. So, we decided to address this wave of white nationalism by observing the individuals that make up this movement, and facing them with the question, “What’s supreme about you?” We aren’t waiting for the answer though because they’re losers. They’re big, loud, baby losers. There is nothing supreme about them- they’re just average white boys.

In our video, we decided to make “Average White Boy” an actual product- a sentient life sized mannequin with a MAGA hat- that has been delivered to our door step, even though we didn’t order it. He aggressively takes over the apartment with civil war memorabilia, Robert E Lee books and Trump posters. With this ridiculous concept we are trying to pronounce our solidarity with those that have had to suffer the presence of these hate marches in their towns. The constant beating drum of this movement makes it feel like the doors to our own homes have been kicked in too. We all have to combat this ever growing presence of hate and intolerance, as if it’s sitting in our living room.”

Average White Boy is the first single from Abertooth Lincoln since their ‘Selling The Urban Ideal EP’ back in January 2017.   My ears took a pounding, but I know some pals in the States would appreciate it.  This is a protest song.  A noisy one.

*Average White Boy was recorded at Steve Albini’s studio, Electrical Audio.

If you like what you hear, you can check out more of their music at



  1. They’re being a little too nice referring to Trumpsters as Average. I think they’re a bunch of angry losers eager to blame others for their troubles.
    But aside from that small criticism I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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