Reconnect me to the beauty that I’m missin’

So, I’d been offline for a good couple of weeks, but I dare say you’ll have noticed I’m back.  I moved house, y’see.  We bought ourselves a place that we fell in love with and the change in scenery has been very welcome.

The kids are settling and enjoying new surroundings – particularly the wee guy, as he’s a wee bit older and appreciating things a bit more.  We have a garden that’s perfect for raising kids and for sitting in late in the evening when we can.  There are fruit bushes and fruit trees.  There are birds (currently, we’re visited by swallows) and there’s a rabbit that likes to have a look around the garden.

There are also hills – green as far as the eye can see.  There are the faint sounds of mooing at various points in the day.

The walk to the train station and back is welcome.  In the morning, there’s often mist settling in the fields.  On the way home, the sun setting behind the hills.  The commute is long enough to get to know an album or two really well.  The scenery enough to shake off the working day. Gone are rows of buildings and houses and instead farmland, hills, and nothing but sky overlooking varied tones of green, yellow, and brown.

Nearby there’s a wildlife reservation and heritage trails.  We packed some lunch a couple of weekends ago and headed out with the younglings.  It was rather beautiful.  Quiet.  We could hear the trees and long grass move.  The odd chirp of a bird and the sheep and cows having a conversation.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our visit to the Knockshinnoch Lagoons.  I meant to post these after we visited there.  Better late than never, right?    The history of the site is an interesting one (there is even a flick based on it).

* Anyhoo, I’m away to listen to some music.  JH over at Complex Distractions tells me that the new White Denim album is a goody, Bruce at Vinyl Connection has convinced me to listen to his favourite Teenage Fanclub album, HMO assures me that the vocals on Allfather are more shouty than growled, and CB has me wanting to hear some Coltrane and Hartman.  And that’s not mentioning the fact I’m still hooked on The 1984 Draft, or that Aaron at KMA sent me Seagal’s Mojo Priest and my pal Tommy handed me some LPs today (I’ll post some sort of ‘new additions’ round-up at some point).

** Next up I’ll be posting about a couple of albums by one of my favourite artists (will it be more Sinatra or perhaps Lanegan?  You’ll have to wait and see).



  1. I think getting out of the city to the country is a sweet move, especially with two wee bairns. Well done sir! Those pics are awesome, looks like a lovely spot to visit.

    Also, I love the name Knockshinnoch Lagoons. Can I guess it’s pronounced differently, not Knock-shin-ock? More likely something like Knockshannuh, or Knoshinnuh…I always think this with place names there, after being informed one time that Milngavie is pronounced Mul-guy…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, it’s definitely the best move we could have made. So much open space… so much beauty… and it’s been nice to discover, learn, and enjoy new surroundings together.


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